The Northwest Ecological Research Institute does not have dues-paying memberships. Instead, we rely on financial contributions from our associates and others who want to support NERI’s work. While project leaders seek and receive contracts and grants from other organizations and from agencies, sometimes a little seed money from NERI really makes a difference to the success of a project! We have accomplished a lot in our 28 years of research and education about the natural history of the Pacific Northwest!

As a result of our projects, we have written 98 reports (and counting), as well as presenting 4 posters and 6 papers at professional conferences, creating two salamander identification cards, and having 15 journal articles, two books and a chapter in two other books published. We continue to train new volunteers and professionals to study, monitor and restore the Northwest’s flora and fauna. Each year we ask you to contribute what you can to help with our organizational expenses and to support our efforts and to provide seed grants for projects by students and others.

Please help by making a generous, tax-deductible donation to the Northwest Ecological Research Institute. We are a 501(c)3 organization. Check with your employer to see if they will make a matching contribution (our tax identification number is 93-0901125). If each of our supporters gave at least $25 annually, it would help tremendously! Send your contribution of whatever size…

Via Credit Card (with PayPal)

Via Check

Please send checks to:

Northwest Ecological Research Institute
130 NW 114th Ave.
Portland, OR 97229