Ecological Research, Training, & Education in the Pacific Northwest

The purpose of NERI is to further knowledge of Pacific Northwest natural history through research, training, and dissemination of information.

Since 1985, NERI associates have led a variety of research, conservation and education projects including:

  • Conducting surveys and research on chickadees, bluebirds, Purple Martins, Barn Owls, Turkey Vultures, nighthawks, Common Loons, native turtles, frogs and salamanders and their habitat associations.

  • Providing technical advice and training on survey techniques, species identification, and project development to agencies, schools, organizations and the general public.

  • Building, installing and monitoring hundreds of nest boxes for various birds and flying squirrels for research or where natural cavities are in short supply.

  • Implementing restoration projects to improve riparian and salmon habitats and monitoring their success.

  • Constructing fencing to protect a variety of habitats from livestock overgrazing and off-road vehicle abuse.

Research & Reports

Each year, NERI associates lead and participate in dozens of research projects in the Pacific Northwest. Learn about some of the projects that are helping shape what we know about the flora and fauna of our region.

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Outreach & Education

NERI associates actively train and educate hundreds of students, biologists, and citizens each year through classes, partnerships (including graduate student collaborations), and presentations.

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Looking to take on a project? Find information, how-to pamphlets, web-links, and other resources from NERI, our partners, agencies, and other non-profit organizations.

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NERI is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from anyone interested in supporting our work. Please consider giving to NERI to help ensure that our work continues.

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How You Can Help

Becoming an associate is just one of many ways you can get involved with NERI! If you are a graduate student, NERI can provide seed money to make your grant applications more competitive. Our many associates can also lend their expertise to helping you develop your project and conduct your research. Additionally, consider donating to NERI. Your time, energy, expertise, and financial commitments are what allow NERI to have a lasting and powerful effect on the ecological communities of the PNW.

Working With Grad Students

NERI is pleased to partner with graduate students researching ecological issues in the Northwest to offer assistance with project development and support. NERI experts are available to mentor graduate students on a variety of natural history topics.